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       What Families Can Expect on and Off the Ice

The Zorra Skating Club wants to ensure that your skater understands the changes we have made to help keep your skater safe both on and off the ice during COVID-19.  Please review the COVID-19 protocols below with your skater. For additional information, review Skate Ontario Return to Play protocols or please contact a member of the COVID-19 Oversight group if you have any concerns or questions.


  • All skaters must complete online registration and payment.
  • NEW:  All individuals must complete the online COVID-19 Daily Screening prior to entry at If you are unable to fill it out online, there will be copies available upon entering the building. 
  • All skaters must complete the COVID-19 waiver.
  • All skaters must have their attendance taken.  



  • Skaters may warm-up and cool down outside the arena if they are social distancing.   
  • One parent, guardian or other adult may accompany a skater into the arena (no siblings at this time). Anyone accompanying a skater is expected to follow all facility guidelines with respect to physical distancing, must remain 2m apart a all times, and must wear a face mask.  
  • Zorra skating staff will admit skaters 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.   
  • All skaters will follow the facilities guidelines when entering and exiting the building.
  • All skaters will use hand sanitizer upon entry and exiting of the facility.
  • All skaters will be required to wear a mask while off the ice surface.
  • All skaters must maintain a 2m distance from other skaters at all times. 
  • Skaters must arrive at the arena fully dressed. 
  • Skaters may put on and take off their skates outside of the arena. Or they may put on their using the designated areas of the arena while following physical distancing guidelines and remaining at least 2m apart.
  • Skating bags may be brought into the arena. Personal valuables should be kept at home.
  • Skaters have 10 minutes to leave the arena after their session.   



  • A limited number of skaters will be present on the ice based on provincial and local public health as well as facility guidelines.
  • Skaters will maintain a 3m distance from other skaters and their coach at all times.
  • Your coach may be wearing a mask and will either coach from the side boards or from a spot on the ice.
  • Skaters are not required to wear a non-medical face mask while skating. All skating attire including gloves that are worn should be washed daily.
  • Water bottles are permitted but must be kept 2m apart along the boards.
  • Skaters will enter and exit from the assigned doors. Dressing rooms will be available to put on and to remove skates.
  • The skating harness may be used. Coaches and skaters must wear masks and the harness must be sanitized after each use.