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Coaches Corner

The coaching staff would like to welcome everyone back for another successful and fun filled season of skating. We have many exciting skating activities planned in the months ahead and can’t wait to begin implementing them. We will continue to strive for excellence in all levels of skating from our CanSkate A & B to our senior level competitors. As always, we are available after skating to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to give us a call at home. There isn’t anything we like more than talking about skating!

Professional Coaches

Our coaching staff is certified which means that they have completed components of the National Coaching Program (NCPP) from Level 1 to Level 5. The NCPP is a 5 level educational program for coaches in over 60 sports. Levels 1-3 cover three components of coaching: Theory, Technical and Practical. Levels 4 and 5 prepare coaches for roles in national and international sport with high performance athletes.

Debbie Roefs

Monday & Thursday Group & Freelance

  • NCPP Level 2 Certified in all disciplines including Dance, Freeskate, Pairs and Singles.
  • Level 3 Theory and Technical

Beth Lochhead

Wednesday & Friday CanSkate, Monday Group & Freelance

  • NCPP Level 2 Certified
  • Level 3 Theory and Technical
  • Gold Medallist Dance, Skills

Jaclynne McIntyre

Wednesday & Friday CanSkate, Thursday Group, Sr. Harness Training, Freelance

  • NCCP Level 2 Certified
  • Level 3 Theory and Technical
  • Gold Skills, Freeskate, Dance and Interpretive
  • Novice Competitive

Melissa Wilde

Monday & Thursday Group, Tuesday & Saturday CanSkate

  • Canskate Coach Certified
  • Gold Skills, Dance and Interpretive

Shannon Woods

email coming soon

Tuesday & Saturday CanSkate

  • Canskate Coach Certified

Dawn Brokers

I can coach all disciplines, specializing in dance. I enjoy my own training, continuing my eduaction and many other sports and activities which lends itself to me being able to offer many levels and styles of understanding, teaching and learning to all skaters

Thursday Group Dance

  • CanSkate Trained
  • Certified Regional Coach