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Zorra Skating Club Board of Directors

Executive & Board of Directors 2020-2021


Position Individual Roles
President Angela Langlois President, Carnival Committee
Vice President Christa Minler Vice President, Music Coordinator, Carnival Committee
Secretary Jacquelynn Hewitt Secretary, Advertising, Carnival Committee, COVID-19 Chair
Treasurer Kathy Dodd Treasurer,  Carnival Committee
Director Carolyn King Registration Chair, Bond Coordinator
Director Teresa Pullen Fundraising Committee, Music Coordinator, Test Chair, Costume Convener, Program Assistant Coordinator (Embro)
Director Justine Avey

Awards and Supplies Coordinator

Director Victoria Cybulski Fundraising Committee, Carnival Committee
Director Alicia Van Ginkel Fundraising Committee
Director Janice Del Bel Belluz Program Assistant Coordinator (Thamesford), Music Coordinator (Thamesford)
Director Martin Caldwell Program Assistant Coordinator (Embro)
Coaching Rep Debbie Roefs Test Chair, Carnival Producer


Roles and Responsibilities 


Test Chair

  • Organizes 3 test days in the winter season and 1 spring test day ??
  • Contacts judges and schedule tests
  • Contacts coaches for skater test submission
  • Produces test envelopes for skaters and collects fees
  • Completes requires paperwork for test days and submits to Skate Canada
  • Updates test records for skaters who attend other test days
  • Orders awards from Skate Canada for Awards Banquet

Fundraising Committee

  • Coordinates fundraising efforts
  • Files reports for fundraising projects are filed with the secretary for future reference
  • Submits information to the Bond Coordinator for amounts earned

Bond Coordinator

  • Organizes paperwork for bond
  • Ensures a bond cheque is received from each family
  • Track bond hours and report status of bond completion
  • Returns cheques once bond hours are completed


  • Places ads for the club in publications such as Town Crier, Village Voice and others
  • Creates flyers for registration and other various events
  • Maintains and updates bulletin board with current events and club news
  • Publish, copy and distribute monthly newsletter

Awards and Supplies Coordinator

  • Ensures adequate supply of badges
  • Sets up tracking sheets to record skater’s accomplishments
  • Assists coaches in preparation of report cards
  • Reports badges passed for monthly newsletter
  • Produces certificates for each skater for Awards Banquet
  • Updates and orders plaques for Awards Banquet

Registration Chair

  • Registers members with Skate Canada
  • Provides board members with current list of members
  • Files copy of all registration in music room
  • Updates registration as required

Music Coordinator

  • Organizes schedule of volunteer music players
  • Produces sheets for recording music played
  • Makes sure all music required for sessions are available
  • Ensures equipment is in good working order and organizes replacement/repair

Program Assistance Coordinator - Embro & Thamesford

  • Organizes applications and initial training session
  • Creates sheets for PA volunteer hour tracking ie. Sign in sheet
  • Ensures PA jackets are clean and in good repair
  • Organize thank you gifts for PAs (these should include Halloween, Christmas party and gift, year end gift)
  • Produce letters/certificates for volunteer hours distributed at the Awards Banquet

Session Reps - CanSkate and StarSkate

  • Acts as liaison between membership of these sessions and board
  • Coordinates special days (Halloween, Santa skate, Valentine’s Day) and any other days requested from coaches
  • (Intermediate and StarSkate Rep) – organizes “Fun Competition”