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Zorra Skating Club Board of Directors

Executive & Board of Directors 2021-2022


Position Individual Roles
President Angela Langlois President
Vice President

Teresa Pullen

Fundraising Committee, Test Chair, Costume Convener
Secretary Jacquelynn Hewitt Secretary, COVID-19 Chair
Treasurer Kathy Dodd Treasurer
Director Carolyn King Registration Chair
Director Christa Minler Music Coordinator
Director Justine Avey

Awards and Supplies Coordinator, Advertising

Director Victoria Cybulski Fundraising Committee, Bond Co-Coordinator
Director Alicia Van Ginkel Fundraising Committee, Bond Co-Coordinator
Director Janice Del Bel Belluz Program Assistant Coordinator (Thamesford)
Director Martin Caldwell Program Assistant Coordinator
Coaching Rep Debbie Roefs Test Chair, Carnival Producer


Roles and Responsibilities 


Test Chair

  • Organizes 3 test days in the winter season and 1 spring test day ??
  • Contacts judges and schedule tests
  • Contacts coaches for skater test submission
  • Produces test envelopes for skaters and collects fees
  • Completes requires paperwork for test days and submits to Skate Canada
  • Updates test records for skaters who attend other test days
  • Orders awards from Skate Canada for Awards Banquet

Fundraising Committee

  • Coordinates fundraising efforts
  • Files reports for fundraising projects are filed with the secretary for future reference
  • Submits information to the Bond Coordinator for amounts earned

Bond Coordinator

  • Organizes paperwork for bond
  • Ensures a bond cheque is received from each family
  • Track bond hours and report status of bond completion
  • Returns cheques once bond hours are completed


  • Places ads for the club in publications such as Town Crier, Village Voice and others
  • Creates flyers for registration and other various events
  • Maintains and updates bulletin board with current events and club news
  • Publish, copy and distribute monthly newsletter

Awards and Supplies Coordinator

  • Ensures adequate supply of badges
  • Sets up tracking sheets to record skater’s accomplishments
  • Assists coaches in preparation of report cards
  • Reports badges passed for monthly newsletter
  • Produces certificates for each skater for Awards Banquet
  • Updates and orders plaques for Awards Banquet

Registration Chair

  • Registers members with Skate Canada
  • Provides board members with current list of members
  • Files copy of all registration in music room
  • Updates registration as required

Music Coordinator

  • Organizes schedule of volunteer music players
  • Produces sheets for recording music played
  • Makes sure all music required for sessions are available
  • Ensures equipment is in good working order and organizes replacement/repair

Program Assistance Coordinator - Embro & Thamesford

  • Organizes applications and initial training session
  • Creates sheets for PA volunteer hour tracking ie. Sign in sheet
  • Ensures PA jackets are clean and in good repair
  • Organize thank you gifts for PAs (these should include Halloween, Christmas party and gift, year end gift)
  • Produce letters/certificates for volunteer hours distributed at the Awards Banquet

Session Reps - CanSkate and StarSkate

  • Acts as liaison between membership of these sessions and board
  • Coordinates special days (Halloween, Santa skate, Valentine’s Day) and any other days requested from coaches
  • (Intermediate and StarSkate Rep) – organizes “Fun Competition”